The Exchange now includes a cafe and record shop Alex Does Coffee and West Street Kitchen are the area's newest kids on the block, but they are far from the only businesses to spot the area's potential over the past year or so. Cafe No 25a, which is quietly serving perhaps the best toasties in Bristol, opened towards the end of 2016. Bristol acupuncture clinicOwner Chris also runs No 12 in Easton, so he clearly has a good eye for an up-and-coming area. new cocktail bars to open within a five minute radius in Bristol Almost directly opposite the cheese toastie hotspot is Exchange – an ever-improving venue on an ever-improving street. Since opening as a 250-capacity live music venue back in 2012, it recently welcomed a new café as well as becoming the new home for Specialist Subject Records last year. The Exchange has started shaping itself into a community hub, with people using it for all manner of things from rehearsals to the hysterical Punk Rock Yoga (yes, it’s a thing). The Punchbowl is one of the Old Msrket pubs to undergo a recent transformation Owner Paul Horlock said Old Market was “most definitely not up-and-coming,” when he decided to open there, but recent years have witnessed some big improvements. "Some fantastic businesses have opened here recently, from studios to really good cafés and the pubs have all improved, too. I have to say I didn’t see this happening when we opened here.

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